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WYAA Mission Statement

To use all of our knowledge, assets, and networks to secure funding for the development of a youth athletic complex that will be open to all. 

 Why Fields on the Farm? Minimize
It’s about the health and wellbeing of Westport youth, our schools, and, ultimately, Westport. The facility will allow a continuous play of sports during each season to keep our children healthy and active, and will also help solve the issue of overusing our high school, middle school, and elementary school fields and gyms. Additionally, with town leagues reserving fields by availability, Westport youths are currently playing on fields that are the wrong size for their age/ability levels, and, in some situations, regularly scheduled practices and games are sometimes cancelled due to overbooked facilities. The new WYAA facility will provide a solution to these issues and will allow for family or pickup games during off-peak town league play times. 

 WYAA Announcements Minimize
As we begin to clear trees this winter for Fields on the Farm, you may have questions about the project. If you do, do not hesitate to contact us at

(May 3, 2012) During the May 1, 2012 town meeting, Community Preservation Committee’s (CPC) funding of $522,000 project was approved for WYAA initiative.

With their original project grant of $500,000, CPC provided some of the funding to purchase the land on which the project will be built, as Fields on the Farm is considered an “open air” project. Today, CPC’s additional funding, matched by Town Tax, will be used to purchase supplies such as dirt, loam, fill, gravel, culverts, top soil, concrete, etc. The funding will be provided over a one- or two-year period (2012/2013).

The approval, per townspeople vote, is an earmark of great appreciation for services and support provided by CPC. The Committee is not solely recognized as a funding resource, but is lauded for their community efforts and mission to continually improve the Town of Westport.

Thank you to the members of the CPC for their support of this important community project. WYAA Board of Directors, Westport community members, and project volunteers look forward to breaking ground this summer at the fields.

National Guard Clears the Way
(February 27, 2012) In 2007, Bob Grillo, former WYAA president, began discussions with the National Guard for securing their services for Fields on the Farm. In 2011, negotiations were in full swing, with the National Guard outlining specific work they will donate to the project.

Cited as an opportunity, Fields on the Farm will offer beneficial training for their new troops, including road clearing, development, grading, erosion etc., and will provide an extensive benefit for the Town of Westport. Expenses incurred during training will be funded by grants supporting the project.

Included in those expenses is housing for the troops. Approved by Westport School Committee, housing will be staged at Westport High School for a two-week period for 60 National Guard members each week during the summer of 2013.

The National Guard will begin surveying the land in September of this year, completed by July 2013. Targeted timeline for Fields on the Farm field completion and seeding is end of 2013. The value of their volunteer services is estimated in excess of $700,000.

Did You Know?

Once completed, the WYAA facility will need to be maintained on a cost and maintenance level. As with the town leagues, the facility will be maintained by volunteers and funded through WYAA memberships, ongoing contributions, and league registrations. If concession area is funded and approved for the facility, it will bring additional revenue.  

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